Letters round-up: Appalled by state of A41

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A correspondent who is appalled by state of A41 between Aylesbury and Bicester features in this week’s round-up of the Herald’s letters page.


I visited Buckinghamshire (from Findon in West Sussex )last weekend .

Taking a trip to Bicester I was taken aback at the appallingly dangerous condition of the A41 Road between Aylesbury and Bicester .

It is riddled with potholes and being a fast Trunk Road it is not a safe pastime to try and weave around potholes when travelling at 50 mph.

Extremely urgent repairs are required. It is scandalous that such a major road has been allowed to be in such a dire condition .

Perhaps you can bring pressure to bear on the Highway Authority and County Councillors to get some urgent repairs carried out before serious accidents result .

Robin Carr

Via email


I totally agree with both the editorial and the letter in the Herald about Aylesbury’s road system.

The thought of a traffic light gridlock inducing system on Douglas Road fills me with horror as I had to go to Winslow and had to endure the Horse and Jockey farce wait for ages coming from town then the lane squeeze and roundabout then it all comes to a stop at Watermead and then another F1 start when everyone tries to beat the rest to the next roundabout.

Aylesbury has no coherent traffic system it is just an ad hoc collection of bits of development put in with no thought as to how it affects the rest of the town.

The Aston Clinton bypass should have continued on round to the Stone side of town and a section should have gone off towards the Bierton side of town and come out past Waddesdon.

Then the road to the Linslade bypass should have been dualed and bypassed Wing to make a seamless journey also the A41 needs to made a dual carriageway as the traffic levels are building quickly due to employment in a growing Bicester.

The current road system also needs regular maintenance. Have you noticed the missing bits of road surface on the road crossing were the buses come up from the station they have been like this for six months or more.

Maybe a unitary authority will make a difference but I won’t hold my breath, as things stand now the authorities don’t seem to be chasing government in Westminster to get road schemes that will actually benefit our part of Bucks

Relying on developers to provide so called through routes in housing developments is not the way to go we need some bold ideas to get through traffic out of the town plus intown traffic actually moving and not sitting at traffic lights or being blocked from crossing roundabouts by other traffic.

A new planning group is needed with skilled traffic planners as it seems as the current ones have run out of ideas is needed. Maybe we need a traffic authority not run by councillors but at an arms length so as interference on a political level is excluded.

Doubtless this will make our elected representatives annoyed but they are not coming up with the goods and to say the cuts are a problem is no excuse. Spend some reserves and get onto the DFT and make a nuisance of yourselves your voters are getting fed up with poor quality roads ,ineffective traffic systems and a negligent attitude to us.

Christopher Lowe

Address supplied


Re editor’s comment on Aylesbury road systems.

Good common sense stuff. Well done. Here’s a couple of other ideas;

1. Rearrange some of the white lines to provide for better traffic flow-- a real cheap cheap option. There is plenty of Tarmac around, it’s just not used efficiently

2. Reduce the size of some of the pavements, which are wider than the roads where they don’t need to be. Look at the size of them at many of the new lights around town.

3. Widen some of the junctions to allow double queuing, especially where there can be a left turn filter lane. Coach and Horses junction comes to mind. And don’t make the lanes so narrow.

4. Widen the access into town past Watermead. An expensive wooden pedestrian bridge was put in but the road wasn’t widened. So all the traffic on the A413 plus Watermead and the new estate has to file into one lane. Remove the ridiculous roundabout by the old footie ground and dual the whole lot from the C&H to the Weedon Hill roundabout

5. More box junctions and less bus lanes or use of the latter for all except for a couple of hours per day

6. Widen any new roads so that cyclists feel safer. See how narrow it is past the new Berryfields development. Lorries can’t pass cyclists safely.

Anyway put me down for the Group when you get the authorities to listen. But you won’t get them ‘Back to the floor’. Or if you do I will be dead by then!

Eddie Phillips



New Holland was one of Aylesbury’s biggest companies, one of many in the town, until production moved along with some employees to its parent, Ford Motor Company at it’ Essex location.

Since its departure in 1987, a number of past employees known as the ‘Hayliners’ return from many parts of the country each year to enjoy a ‘brunch’ with their former colleagues. Remarkably almost 30 years later the meetings still take place, a mark of the camaraderie of New Holland employees.

We are keen to encourage anyone who was at New Holland to come along on our regular date of Palm Sunday, the week before Easter which is March 29th, who can call me on 07563 62824 for more information.

Alan Drake

Hayliners committee


With the farmers and contractors now completing hedge cutting, I am shocked and incensed at the horrendous amount of litter now being brought to light.

I suspect the problem in general is due to rubbish being discarded out of their windows by thoughtless, unsocial idiotic people, whilst driving in their vehicles . No area appears unaffected.

The ditches and verges are in the worst state that I can ever recall.

It again highlights the increasing lack of personal and civic responsibility for one’s own actions, and complete lack of interest in the environment in which live.

The cost to the Council (i.e. our money) of circa £1million pounds to clear up this rubbish and also cope with increased fly tipping, fills me with despair.

Even more so at a time when severe financial constraints are already placed on the Council , and which in turn impacts on supporting crucial care services .

The frustrating thing is that should you be reading this letter, you are doubtless not the people at which this is aimed.

It has been suggested that headline grabbing notices of “ For Bucks sake take your litter home” would be stronger and potentially more effective than the usual ineffective, “Please Take your Litter Home”!

Margaret Willoughby

Name and address supplied


For theatre and cinema goers,the parking charge will increase by 100% in a few months time. At the moment if you park at the cinema car park after 18.30 the total charge is £1 for the whole evening.

Parking at the same time in future the charge will increase to £2.

This will stop a lot of people visiting Waterside and the Odeon.

People like to park this early as it allows them to have a meal etc before the shows.

I know parking is free after 21.00 and this encourages parking for drinkers.

In summary, Waterside will lose out but drinkers will be laughing.

AVDC transport cost centre will gain a few pounds while the town goes further downhill.

Does anyone look at the bigger picture?

John Feore



So much is said about the NHS this letter is to praise their dedicated work they do.

I recently had a hip operation and spent 3 weeks recovering at Amersham, the aftercare I received from every single sister, nurse and healthcare worker was 1st class, the hospital is so clean, they helped my rehabilitation and got me back home with carers.

I would recommend any recovery there, every single team member deserves to be recognised.

This was exactly the same at Stoke Mandeville too where my operation was performed by Mr Biring and his team in trauma and orthopaedics.

Thanks so much Stoke and Amersham.

Marilyn Hazle

Address supplied


I was recently contacted by a Conservative Councillor, exasperated by his party leadership’s intransigence over HS2 and failure over the last five years even to change “Labour’s” route. He will be quietly retiring from the Council at this year’s election and won’t be supporting the Conservative party ever again.

In many ways this story is a microcosm of the larger problem that the Stop HS2 campaign has faced since that fateful day back in 2010 when the then Labour government dropped its HS2 bombshell on the AONB.

Over the last five years, we’ve been assured variously that a Conservative led government would do things differently.

Our MP spent a lot of time in the run up to the 2010 election and afterwards assuring her constituents that Conservative Ministers would properly consider different options, would change the route, would protect the AONB and provide full and proper compensation to affected communities.

In all these areas, the Conservatives and their Lib Dem allies in government have failed miserably, even to mitigate the scheme properly through a precious nationally protected environment.

The result is well documented. Shattered communities, rising ill health, people moving out of the area if they can, many more stuck in unsaleable family homes, huge upheaval and year after year of grinding uncertainty for the people having to live on the very front-line of the coalition’s HS2 route.

On this fifth anniversary of the HS2 announcement, it’s really time for the many people in the Conservative Party who are disillusioned with the actions of their Prime Minister and successive Conservative Secretaries of State to stand up and be counted politically.

Far from quietly and privately melting away as at least one Conservative Councillor will be doing at the next election, it’s surely now time for people who have spent the last 5 years seething about the actions of their Prime Minister and national leadership to refuse to campaign, to stand for or to belong to any party with a commitment to HS2 in its manifesto and to do so very publicly.

We do not yet know who will be Prime Minister on 8th May, nor what role the anti HS2 UKIP or Green parties may yet play in a possible coalition or hung Parliament, so all is far from lost.

This election is our very last chance however to demonstrate that HS2 can and will move votes away from the pro HS2 parties and in so doing strengthen the hand of MPs in the next Parliament lobbying to stop it.

The only way that stopping HS2 or significant changes to the route are going to be part of post-election discussions in a hung Parliament, will be if HS2 is an issue that has demonstrably affected the result in route constituencies.

It’s worth noting therefore that UKIP are targeting Aylesbury and the Greens are targeting ultra marginal Lib Dem held Solihull.

Here in Chesham and Amersham voters have long memories and will not easily forgive our MP for her failure to publicly campaign to stop HS2 in the run up to the crucial 2012 Conservative decision confirming the route.

Will voters take this last meaningful opportunity to inflict electoral damage on the main pro HS2 parties? We don’t have long to find out.

Cllr Seb Berry


Great Missenden Ward



Regarding the letter in last week’s Bucks Herald from Councillor Roberts. An explanation the readers can certainly have.

I first of all think that Brian Roberts knows perfectly well what I am talking about.

It is not too long ago that a colleague of his, Cllr Wynn, had a go at us for exactly the same thing. It is amazing that these situations rear their ugly heads approaching election time.

Brian and colleagues - I will talk slowly so you understand - HIGH SPEED RAIL.

Back in 2010 we said we wanted to create new high speed rail lines along existing routes which would improve times between London, Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle.

This option would be vastly cheaper than HS2.

Given the chance this could still be an option. This is a far cry from the total and utter folly which is HS2.

You as a party Brian may say you are against HS2 locally but you have let your local constituents down by not fighting your Tory government for this madness which is the legacy that Cameron wants us to think and make us believe that he is a great leader.

It is amazing sometimes that people who do not live close to a project want to inflict it upon others.

Common sense says that if we are to improve life in this manner then this sort of action might not be the logical way of going about things.

I know that those reading this are fully aware of the nonsense which is HS2 but will the Conservative led government ever realise the consequences this will have.

The destruction of our landscape, countryside, loss of valuable acres of land, lives of people who had hoped to live in the area forever and so many other issues.

The Conservative government have already moved the goalposts to justify the spending of what could be now anything up to £80 billion.

It started at a little over £30 billion. They said that we would carve up the AONB which is the Chilterns and destroy a lot of Bucks all for the sake of saving 20 minutes between London and Birmingham.

This was a lie because the stations are not existing stations so the saving was not an option.

It would have taken longer to get from London to Birmingham if you talked about centre to centre.

The argument is now capacity which does not stack up. UKIP is totally and utterly against HS2 both nationally and locally.

If only that was appreciated by our national politicians. Locally we have asked for Bucks County Councillors to resign to make the point in order to make the point of rejection of HS2 but they haven’t got the ..... to do it!

Brian do not think that cheap political attempts like this will gain you votes -HS stands for highly stupid, and you can take this how you want, but this time it relates to the folly that is HS2.

The letter in last weeks paper asked for the Bucks Herald readers to be deserving of an explanation and I hope that I have given this.

Andy Huxley

UKIP Councillor

Aylesbury Gatehouse, Quarrendon, Haydon Hill and