Letters round-up: ‘Absolute fiasco’ in Argos car park

Chaotic scene at Aylesbury Shopping Park where only one ticket machine was working
Chaotic scene at Aylesbury Shopping Park where only one ticket machine was working

A reader’s picture showing an enormous queue for parking tickets at Aylesbury Shopping Park features in this week’s letters round-up.


The picture above shows the long queue snaking back to the only working ticket machine at Aylesbury Shopping Parking in Cambridge Close.

It was sent to us by Paul Connett, from Leighton Buzzard, who said: “I thought you might like this picture, an absolute fiasco this Saturday morning.”


RE: The Deputy Editor’s comment last week that he ‘fears that there are very few opposition councillors left to properly hold the council to account’.

With 73 per cent of the seats on AVDC, the Conservative majority is clearly massive. I guess from the numbers that they might assume that the people of the Vale as a whole have said ‘on you go’.

As has been pointed out, AVDC certainly has some rather large choices to make on behalf of us all, including whether to become a unitary authority, the future funding of the Waterside Theatre and a resubmitted Development Plan.

Whether you voted for a Conservative council or not, I am certain that all those who voted on May will want proper scrutiny of all decisions made.

These choices must be in the best long-term interests of ALL the people who live in the Vale.

I can assure every resident of the Vale of Aylesbury that the two Labour councillors will provide the scrutiny that is needed, question and 
provide positive alternative approaches where we feel it is right to do so.

The record of my Labour colleague, Robin Stutchbury, in questioning the decisions of the council is second to none.

He now has my support in doing this.

So I can assure every resident of the Vale of Aylesbury that the two Labour councillors elected will provide the scrutiny that is needed

Our young Parliamentary candidate, Will Cass, was rightly pleased with the result that he achieved in the General Election in Aylesbury.

He stated following the election count that Labour is now the progressive alternative in Aylesbury.

It seems that many local people agree with him, as our membership since the 
elections has increased like we have never seen before.

I would like to thank all those residents of Southcourt who voted for me.

I am accountable to you, just like the 46 Conservative councillors that now sit on AVDC!

Mark Bateman

Labour Councillor for the Southcourt Ward


The comments from Claire Harrison regarding the homes in Weston Turville (64) not having any adverse impact on transport is totally ludicrous.

Along with the 135 across the road this will have a major impact on traffic within the area especially on the junction with the A41.

It does go to show that AVDC will try and push through planning applications as quickly as 

We need to have a more controllable approach to all planning applications and have AVDC Councillors show more concern to the local 
people and not to worry about the developers.

Peter Wyatt

Address supplied


Through your letters page may I send a message of thanks to all the people who voted for myself and UKIP in the general election.

From Turweston in the north to Princes Risborough in the south, Dagnall and Edlesborough in the east and Oakley and Worminghall to the west, and not forgetting my home support in Waddesdon, thank you very, very much indeed.

Also my thanks go the Bucks Herald, her sister paper The Buckingham & Winslow Advertiser and Mix 96 for your superb coverage of events, and for all the text messages, emails and phone calls of support, even one from darkest Peru!

It has been a humbling experience.

Again, many thanks to you all.

Dave Fowler

UKIP Parliamentary 
Candidate for Buckingham


I wrote to Aylesbury Vale Council asking for their advice as to who I could contact in respect of my complaint regarding the parking at the local shopping centre where Wickes the local DIY shop is situated.

There happens to be a space for trailers and cars to park. The markings are so badly faded that all and sundry park there.

If you raise the issue with anyone in this space they will either argue with you or they will apologise and admit they were not aware of the markings.

So I need someone to stand up to the plate and get some action where it is needed.

I just happen to be one of those customers with a trailer and very often cannot park.

Except to remove my trailer and take another parking bay. Which cannot be right.

Also leaving my trailer ready to be stolen.

Name and address supplied


We three unsuccessful UKIP candidates contesting the three seats available to the ward of Wendover and Halton on 7th May would like to thank all those who supported us.

We just missed out on all of the 3 seats by coming in 4th, 5th and 6th.

We consider it a pity we were not more successful because we were the only party who fielded three local candidates living in the ward.

We also represented an excellent geographic spread of Halton Village, Wendover village and the Princess Mary Gate estate.

Sue is pleased to have gained a seat on Wendover Parish Council and looks forward to taking it up in due course.

Desmond Anning, Sue Hetherington and Marc Ruggles


I am writing to offer my congratulations to all of the amazing Buckinghamshire runners who made the London Marathon such a huge success.

I especially want to say a massive well done and thank you to the 133 brave runners who took part on behalf of Diabetes UK, the charity that cares for, connects with and campaigns on behalf of all people affected by diabetes.

Around 40,000 people completed the 26.2 mile course, running past some of the world’s most famous landmarks on the way, 
including Tower Bridge, Big Ben and the London Eye and Team Diabetes UK supporters were out in force to cheer their heroes to the finish line.

The money raised by our amazing marathon runners will go towards helping to make life better for the people living with diabetes in as well as those who have Type 2 diabetes but don’t yet know it.

Diabetes is a serious condition and if not managed properly it can lead to major complications such as amputation, heart disease and blindness.

If the runners from Team Diabetes UK have inspired you to take on a fundraising challenge of your own, whether running, cycling, swimming or walking, visit www.
diabetes.org.uk/events to see how you can get involved and raise vital funds for this fantastic cause.

Jill Steaton

Regional Fundraising Manager, Diabetes UK South East Region


Last week you published two letters which said that Mr Bercow is a very helpful MP.

In the interests of accuracy I must point out that he wasn’t very helpful when I lived in his constituency a few years ago.

He dealt with certain matters but refused to deal with certain others and that left me with nowhere to go.

I explained this in my letter which you published on May 19, 2010.

That letter can be seen in the library.

N Hayes

Address supplied


To all those people who think that we should stay a member of the EU, I would like to remind them that it is because of the EU that there are parts of England that are suffering because of the money paid to this grasping union.

For instance, some of the money could be used to stop councils being cut short of government subsidy which means that necessary maintenance cannot be carried out such as grass cutting and cleaning of street gutters and also clearing of weeds, etc.

Apart from this, the 
government seems bent on getting into more debt by 
unnecessary provision of a railway, like the HS2!

So now most of the areas that are suffering are looking more and more like a ‘Third World’.

God knows what visitors to this country would say about us!

Cutting of the money paid to disabled people is also a 
disgrace and money saved from the EU could also be used to avoid this happening.

Royston E Herbert

Buchan Road, Bicester


I agree with MrThomas on last week’s letters page.

Since the traffic lights have been installed on the Tring Road there must be more of a pollution problem.

The traffic used to flow with roundabouts.

It is frequently queued onto the bypass coming into Aylesbury. The design of the lights is all wrong.I see near-misses nearly every day where the two lanes merge into one.

Half the time the traffic is standing still on green lights because of the wrong phasing.

Mr K Saunders

Woodland Close, Tring


On behalf of my colleagues, Brian Foster, Michael Edmonds and myself, Judy Brandis, I would like to thank the inhabitants of the Haddenham and Stone Ward who turned out and voted for us.

We very much appreciate this and your goodwill towards us when we canvassed.

Judy Brandis

Fort End, Haddenham


Your leader in last week’s edition suggests “it is totally wrong that Speaker Bercow’s election in effect locks out his constituents – on the whim of one man’s career choice”

Mr Robin Dixon’s letter to you (“Ballot Protest”) makes the additional point that this “convention” can only be changed “with the dedicated and persistent support of the local media”.

It may interest you, Mr Dixon, and your readers, to know that many have been active for some time in trying to get some action on this continuing affront to 

Prior to the 2010 General Election this whole question was put to Mr Bercow at a political Q&A meeting here in Brill.

Mr Bercow’s promise then, to put this to the appropriate parliamentary body, was kept.

The Commons Procedure Committee reported, as would be expected, that the status quo should be maintained as primary legislation would be required to make a change!

Prior to this election numerous emails, highlighting the fact that constituency work should form only part of an MP’s proper role, all go unanswered by Mr Bercow

Where is the championing and campaigning voice on national and international issues?

Not only has Mr Bercow failed to reply, it would seem that he also hides his personal view.

You point to his “career choice” – could that be reasonably widened to include the protection of self-interest?

To use Mr Dixon’s words “would your publication be prepared to take a lead role in correcting this democratic deficit”?

David Dilly

The Green, Brill