Lend your voice to big choral sing in Aylesbury

A mass participation singing event is taking place in Aylesbury later this month - and everyone is invited to join in.
Aylesbury Youth Orchestra performingAylesbury Youth Orchestra performing
Aylesbury Youth Orchestra performing

The Bucks Learning Trust’s music team are holding ‘Carmina in a Day’ at St Mary’s Church in Aylesbury on Saturday February 25.

This unique event gives singers of all ages and abilities the chance to learn and perform Carmina Burana - a popular choral work by composer Carl Orff- in the space of seven hours.

The BLTM’s area leader for Aylesbury North Fay Hayhurst said: “The idea is to get the community together to sing a well-known piece of music.

“A lot of people know the music centre for offering children the chance to learn and play music, so we wanted to do something for the adults.”

The singers will be joined for the performance by the Aylesbury Youth Orchestra, a talented group of 13-18 year-olds playing an assortment of instruments, with Tom Horn conducting proceedings.

Ms Hayhurst added: “In London mass singing events are held at places like the Royal Albert Hall so we decided we wanted to do something on a smaller scale.

“For our singing event, no experience is required and you don’t need to be able to read music.

“Everyone will help each other along and it should be great fun.”

Rehearsals start at 10am with the final performance at 4.15pm.

The event costs £10 and vocal scores are available on the day for no extra cost.

Refreshments are available throughout.

To find out more or book e-mail [email protected] or call 01296 383596.