Lenborough hoard of silver coins declared treasure

The rare hoard of Anglo Saxon coins, believed to be worth £1 million, has been declared treasure and may soon be displayed at the Old Gaol.
Part of the Lenborough coin hoardPart of the Lenborough coin hoard
Part of the Lenborough coin hoard

The discovery of 5,000 silver coins, near Lenborough, is said to be the biggest hoard in modern times.

Treasure hunter Paul Coleman, 60, stumbled on the 11th Century coins in December, assuming his metal detector had found another manhole.

But perfectly preserved and featuring the faces of Anglo Saxon kings, the coins were found in a lead bucket two feet underground.

Archeologist Brett Thorn from Bucks County Museum hopes to house the hoard once it has been valued in the New Year.

And he thinks pledges from local residents will ensure the coins can be displayed locally.

He said: “The British Museum are fully behind it coming to us.

“It would then be split and displayed at the Old Gaol in Buckingham, MK Museum and at the county museum in Aylesbury.

“We’ve already had £10,000 in pledges and the more 
people who sign up, the more it shows bigger charities that there’s strong local support for the hoard.”

Mr Thorn said the hoard was either on its way to a mint in Buckingham to be melted down and re-cast or it is family savings, built up over 20 years.

He explained that one of the coins - an Agnus Dei 
containing a lamb and flag- could be unique because it was printed with ‘the wrong back’ by mistake.

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