Latest hang-up? Dog waste bags in bushes

The mess along the footpath
The mess along the footpath

Uprooted dog bins in Aylesbury are the latest ‘grot spot’ to come to The Bucks Herald’s attention as the campaign rolls on.

The bins at a footpath off Jackson Road, Quarrendon, are just one part of the problem with dog waste thrown into the trees and fly tipping also in the area.

One resident said despite complaining to Aylesbury Vale District Council’s environmental health team several weeks ago, the area has yet to be tidied.

Quarrendon councillor and UKIP leader Chris Adams said: “I have already put in a report to say obviously they have got to be repaired in that area.

“It’s not just that area, though. I keep seeing dog bins uprooted where I live. It’s just anti-social behaviour across the Vale. We have got to put a stop to it with better security and neighbourhood watch teams.”

The bins are the responsiblity of Aylesbury Town Council but Aylesbury Vale District Council is in charge of keeping the area tidy.

The town council deputy leader Steve Patrick said: “The problem we have is people not using the facilities properly. They will get replaced and they will be put in stronger so that people don’t tear them out again.

“We have to just keep putting them back in until they stop persisting with their stupid behaviour. It’s a pain for us but it costs us the money to do the replacing.”

The district council environmental health team said: “We will look into the matter and arrange for a clean-up to take place as soon as possible.”