Labour parliamentary candidate stands by Tunisia comments

Will Cass
Will Cass

Labour’s 2015 parliamentary candidate for Aylesbury has stood by comments made in the aftermath of the deaths of 30 British holidaymakers in Tunisia.

Mr Cass, who finished third behind David Lidington and Chris Adams at the election in May, commented on his Facebook page a few days ago that he thought the victims should not be repatriated as if they were fallen soldiers.

The Daily Mail reported that Mr Cass wrote: “They died on holiday not in service.

“Sad as it is, all this militarisation makes it look as if the country is at war.

“It will legitimise a response (like bombing Syria).

“They will be used to justify an imperialist response.”

Speaking this afternoon (Friday), Mr Cass said he stood by the remarks.

He said: “My comments were in no way designed to detract from the tragedy but instead were designed to focus on increased militarisation.

“I am deeply concerned by the language that is coming out of Westminster which I fear could lead to increased action in the Middle East.

“It is that shift in tone which concerns me and that is the broader question that I was asking.”

Following reports in the Daily Mail that Labour MPs felt Mr Cass needed to be disciplined. he said the only criticism he was aware of was from Guido Fawkes, a Conservative political blogger and Sun newspaper columnist.

He added: “My comments have been blown out of all proportion.”