Key backer pulls out of film by Aylesbury disability group

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A key backer has pulled out of the production of a murder mystery movie made by disabled people – and they need your help to get it finished.

Fortunate Mr Spencer is a collaboration between Aylesbury-based disability group I have a Voice Too, and London based group Creating Freedom.

The murder mystery is set in the 1950s, and the team had been enjoying filming at locations including a mansion in Nether Winchendon.

But disaster struck when a key backer, who had wanted to make the piece into a play, failed to show up to sign finacial documents, and pulled out of the project entrirely.

The groups have now set up a crowd funding campaign to raise the £3,000 needed to finish the work.

The film’s director, Siggi Holm, said: “When we got that funding it was an ideal amount, and we were able to go bigger on what we wanted to do.

“If we hadn’t had that backing this would have been a smaller production.

“The money raised will go towards finishing off the remaining three days of filming, all of the editing and post-production will be done by volunteers.

“We started in 2014 by producing a short play to get the ball rolling, in 2015 we decided to try and make short film, because it can be tricky to learn lines and with a film there is no pressure to do that because you can just re-shoot.”

The film tells the story of the murderous events following a birthday party, and film-makers promise that the audience will enjoy its quirky twist.

The script for the film has been inspired by the Hercule Poirot stories written 
by crime legend Agatha Christie.

Siggi added: “The aim now is to get the film finished and get it onto a big screen here in Aylesbury so that all the actors and people involved 
can see how well they have done.

“We would like to do that in London too, and then take it to film festivals to see how far it can go.”

If you would like to help support the groups raise the £3,000 needed to complete the project go to