Join Our Club: Hazells Bowls Club

Hazells is a club which welcomes everyone
Hazells is a club which welcomes everyone

The club where everyone is welcome

Name of organisation?

A10 WEEK 20'MCBH'rd'Hazells bowls v Aylesbury Town bowls

A10 WEEK 20'MCBH'rd'Hazells bowls v Aylesbury Town bowls

Hazells Bowls Club

What are your main aims and objectives?

To continually encourage and enjoy the traditional game of lawn bowls and ensure the security of the sport for future generations.

Where do you meet, and how often?

At the clubhouse in Shakespeare Way. During the outdoor season from April to October the facilities are available to members every day of the week. Matches and competitions are played weekly throughout the summer according to our fixture list. Club night is every Monday evening from 6pm.

What sort of people are your members?

The club was originally founded in 1923 by Hazells Watson & Viney, the Aylesbury printers for their employees. Some of our present bowlers worked for the firm prior to its closure. Currently our members range from 11 to more than 80 years of age. We cater for partially sighted bowlers and can accommodate disabled bowlers.

If someone was considering membership, what would you say to them to convince them to join?

To non-bowlers wishing to learn the game, you will be amongst friends who will make every endeavour to help and make you feel welcome. To a more experienced person you can expect a high standard of bowling with the opportunity to enter national, county and league Competitions.

Please give us an idea of your activities in the last six months and what do you have lined up for the future?

During the closed season November to March, a busy social scene includes the club going on tour; entering a winter darts league; holding quiz and race nights along with short mat bowls, line dancing and the usual Christmas and New Year celebrations.

What sort of costs are involved in membership?

The cost of yearly membership is £55 per person. Juniors to the age of 18 years are free. Social membership is £11.50 per year.

Are you part of a national organisation or affiliated to a bigger group?

We are affiliated to Bowls England.

If someone would like to join, who should they contact?

Kate Griffiths – 01296 483799.