John Bercow MP squashed rumours he will step down, after snap election called

John Bercow yesterday revealed he will stand for another term as Speaker, ending rumours he would take the chance of the snap general election to retire.
Rt. Hon John Bercow MP, will run again as speaker of the House of CommonsRt. Hon John Bercow MP, will run again as speaker of the House of Commons
Rt. Hon John Bercow MP, will run again as speaker of the House of Commons

Mr Bercow will stand for re-election in Buckingham without contest from any of the major parties.

His Labour deputy Lindsay Hoyle is the favourite to take over the Commons chair but that could change if there is a massive Tory majority.

Once returned to the House of Commons he will then put himself forward to be re-elected as Speaker - something which by convention will be a formality.

Mr Bercow survived an attempted coup by Tory MPs earlier this year furious at his handling of the Commons amid claims he was biased on Brexit.

The move came amid a row over his public refusal to allow President Donald Trump to make a speech to the Parliament on his state visit.

A statement from the Speakers Office said: ““I can confirm that it is my intention to stand again in the Buckingham constituency.

“At the time of the General Election, I will have been the Member of Parliament for Buckingham for twenty years. Over the course of two decades, I hope I have proven to be an able and assiduous constituency MP.

“I am not insensitive to the concern some residents in the Buckingham constituency have about my role as Speaker. Just as Government Ministers speak only as Ministers in the House, so I speak purely from the Speaker’s Chair and, as is well known, I do not take part in party politics.

"However, I continue to represent my constituents, and help them with their problems just as other members do. Ministers have always agreed to requests from me to meet to discuss issues of concern to local residents.

“If I am fortunate enough to be re-elected, I will continue to carry out my constituency duties as vigorously as I always have done”