Innovative Buckinghamshire firm launches ‘sixth sense’ tracking hub

Andrew Barnett, joint managing director of FliteTrak.Andrew Barnett, joint managing director of FliteTrak.
Andrew Barnett, joint managing director of FliteTrak.
An innovative Buckinghamshire company has just launched the next generation of its remote monitoring technology.

FliteTrak, of Plantation Road, Amersham, has unveiled its ‘smart’ transmission box that will be a single hub for its Viator-make data collection and sensing systems.

The company says the new transmission box is the first working technology to track any asset in real time wherever it is and send live data to a user for monitoring or intervention.

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It will allow a user to see on screen what is happening in real time, it can send alerts about dangers, monitor air quality, and provide date about surroundings and flag up issues and needs before they arise.

Andrew Barnett, joint managing director of FliteTrak, said: “Our new unified transmission box means that vital data from each of our six sense systems can be streamed to one hub for monitoring, collection, analysis and action.

“It allows our systems to be flexible and instantly expandable depending on client requirement while offering near limitless potential to track any variable on any asset whether it is a train, plane, plant, water tank or boat.”

Viator uses small sensors to collect data which is relayed to the transmission box and streamed to a laptop, tablet, desktop, phone or watch for monitoring and intervention.