Increase in number of people in Bucks admitted to hospital because of alcohol-related illnesses

Statistics released by Public Health England have shown an increase in the number of people in Bucks admitted to hospital because of alcohol-related illnesses.
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The council claim the figures in Bucks are 'substantially below the national average.'

Public Health England say that 1,804 people in Bucks ended up in hospital in 2017/18 because of alcohol-related illnesses such as alcoholic liver disease.

This is an increase of more than 1,000 over the past ten years.

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Alcohol addiction charity UKAT has called for councils to “admit they have a problem” and take action, after the figures for the south east of England reached 160,000 in 2017/18.

Eytan Alexander, CEO of UKAT said: “The numbers speak for themselves; thousands of people across the South East hospitalised because of alcohol and worse still, staggering rises in alcohol related deaths.

“It’s time to admit that there is a problem here, and we call on councils across the South East to make better budget decisions this coming April and to invest more of their public health grant into local drug and alcohol treatment services, as well as early intervention and awareness campaigns in order to support those most vulnerable.”

Bucks County Council's cabinet member for community engagement and public health Noel Brown said while alcohol misuse “is a complex issue” the county’s figures are “substantially lower” than the national rate.

He said reducing the effects of alcohol-related illnesses is a “public health priority” for the council and work is taking place to improve support for people with alcohol addiction.

Cllr Brown said: “Alcohol misuse is a complex issue and can have far-reaching effects that may affect a person’s job, personal life or even their safety.

“Buckinghamshire’s number of hospital admissions due to alcohol-related conditions per head of population is substantially lower than the national rate and that of the south east, and the actual numbers involved are small.

“However, it is estimated that one in five adults in Buckinghamshire drink at a level which puts their health at risk.

“We should all be looking a bit closer at what we drink – it’s so important for our overall health.

“Everyone can easily check their drinking levels and get help to cut down on alcohol with our simple to use online drinks checker – go to