Improvements to Aylesbury's bus network

FROM Monday (February 23), bus services in Aylesbury are changing.

The changes consist of timetable and route amendments offering improvements to frequency and reliability of Aylesbury's popular rainbow routes.

Services affected include Arriva's red route 9, which currently runs between Stoke Mandeville Hospital and Aylesbury town centre. This will now be extended to Broughton and Bedgrove, creating a cross-town service between Bedgrove and Stoke Mandeville Hospital running every 15 minutes. Green route 4 will be re-routed to serve Walton Court and Hawkslade; combined with red route 9 this means there will be a bus from Walton Court to town every 7-8 minutes.

A brand new service is also going to be launched on February 23. Route 7 will run between the town centre, Southcourt, Ellen Road and Hartwell every 20 minutes on Mondays to Saturdays. Operated by Z&S coaches, this is a pilot service and passenger numbers will be reviewed after the first six months.

Changes to the timetables on Line 100 and 150 now mean that the frequency of buses from Aylesbury to Milton Keynes has increased from hourly to every 30 minutes including an extension to the Milton Keynes Theatre and Xscape.

A complete list of changes:

Silver rider 1 – this service will now be operated by Z&S the route, timetable and fares aren't changed.

Blue route 2 – this service now operates between Quarrendon, Haydon Hill and Aylesbury bus station only.

Green Route 4 - will be re-routed in Walton Court to serve Hawkslade and Ellen Road, rather than Lavric Road.

Red Route 9 will now serve Broughton and Bedgrove, giving this part of a town a direct service to the Hospital and the College and will operate every 15 minutes. In Walton Court and Hawkslade, Red Route 9 together with Green Route 4 will provide an off-peak frequency of every 7-8 minutes.

Route 7 is a brand new service running every 20 minutes between the town centre and Lavric Road, The Willows and Pearson's Close.

Route 8 – Arriva's shuttle service to the depot will no longer run as a public bus service

Routes 54 and 66 are being renamed Line 50 and Line 60. The timetables and frequency will remain the same; newer buses will be used on this service to help improve service reliability.

Line 100 will extend in Milton Keynes to serve the Theatre District and Xscape Snowdome

Line 150 – most journeys on this service will extend to Milton Keynes and Bletchley. Combined with Line 100 this will provide a half-hourly frequency between Aylesbury and Milton Keynes