'I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him': Glenn Hoddle speaks about how Aylesbury sound engineer saved his life

Simon Daniels
Simon Daniels

Former England football player and manager Glenn Hoddle has spoken about how an Aylesbury-based sound engineer saved his life earlier this year.

Simon Daniels, who runs Sigma Broadcast, a company that provides audio assistance to the broadcast industry, from its base at Oakwood Park in Aylesbury, conducted CPR on Hoddle after he collapsed on the set of BT Sport programme 'Saturday Morning Savage' in October 2018, on what was his 61st birthday.

Mr Daniels was working as a sound engineer on the show and in an interview with the Sun on Sunday Hoddle said he would have died had it not been for Mr Daniels' actions.

Hoddle said: "My heart stopped for at least 60 seconds - I was gone.

“The engineer ran to me and brought me back to life.

"I wouldn’t be here if not for him.

"Robbie and I had been playing a game of chipping a football back and forth on to a table tennis table at the end of the programme.

“Robbie said that after the credits rolled I was just at the moment of volleying the ball back to him when I fell backwards and smashed my head on the floor.

“It’s ironic that if I had died, the last thing I would have done on this earth was kick a ball.

"It could have happened on live TV.

"The timing of everything on the day was incredible.

“Robbie thought I was messing around with him when I fell to the floor.

“We had been having banter.

"Then he stopped laughing and thought I might have swallowed my tongue.

“But he soon realised something very serious had happened.

“He couldn’t do anything, so started shouting for help.

"Thank God first-aider Simon was nearby and got to me so quickly.

“If he had been in the toilet, or left the studio, or not on duty, I would not be here to tell my story.

“He performed chest compressions and fitted a defibrillator on my chest to keep me alive.

“Simon is a mild-mannered guy and was apologetic afterwards because something kicked in during the emergency and he was ordering everyone about.

"He told strangers ‘do this, do that’.

"He is a volunteer policeman and was embarrassed.

“It goes without saying if my cardiac arrest had struck on the golf course, or when I was watching Spurs play in the Netherlands a few days earlier, I’d be a goner.”

Speaking just after the incident Mr Daniels said: "I just did what was necessary to give Glenn a fighting chance.

"It was my training as a special constable (with Thames Valley Police) that paid off.

"I didn't think about who the person in need was at the time - natural instincts just kicked in.

"I'd just like to thank the public, police and broadcasting colleagues I work with and the football community for all the kind messages I've received."