‘I was really worried – it’s just disgusting’: Victim of flasher speaks of her ordeal


A dog walker who was the victim of a flasher has described her horror in a bid to warn others.

The woman, who is in her sixties, was walking her dogs in Fairford Leys on Friday last week.

As she walked in a field to the back of Warbler Close she spotted a man walking ahead of her wearing a hooded jumper and baggy tracksuit bottoms.

And then, to her shock and horror the man dropped his trousers revealing himself. The quick-thinking victim took out her mobile phone, in a bid to scare the man.

He ran away, and shocked and frightened she approached a nearby house where the residents helped her to calm down and call the police.

The woman said: “I thought getting my phone out would scare him because he would think I was calling the police. He was black, quite tall and had really muscly legs.

“I would like to say thank you to the kind people who came and helped. At that point I didn’t know where he was, he might have been hiding, it was awful.

“I was really, really frightened, and won’t walk there again.”

She added: “It worries me for the people who are walking on their own, at least I had the dogs with me and could get away quickly.

“It’s just disgusting, someone must know who this man is, he is someone’s son. I have no idea why anyone would want to do something like this.”

And the woman says that from now on she will take extra precautions when walking her dogs.

She said: “I always carry a whistle with me around my neck. But now I’ve ordered a pepper spray. If you are on your own then something like this is terrifying.”

Thames Valley Police are investigating the incident. If you have information call 101.