Huge shortfall in affordable homes in the Vale fear

MORE affordable homes need to build in the Vale, according to the Countryside Alliance who claim young people increasingly cannot afford to live in this area.

The alliance claim 790 affordable homes are required in the district, but just 150 are due to be built by 2011, 19 per cent of the total need.

Alice Barnard, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, said: “Even in the current difficult economic climate, meeting rural housing need must continue to be a priority for the Government, its agencies and local authorities.

“The Countryside Alliance’s research highlights that affordable housing provision is a huge challenge in both urban and rural areas.

“But if the rural need for affordable housing is not addressed, and urgently, many of those communities upon which our countryside depends will shrivel and die.”

The Alliance claim England, Scotland and Wales need an extra 176,360 affordable homes in 2011.