Huge scale of house building in Aylesbury Vale laid bare

Aylesbury Vale accounted for nearly two-thirds of new homes built in Buckinghamshire over the last year, with more new properties going up than in Birmingham and Nottingham combined.
House building in BerryfieldsHouse building in Berryfields
House building in Berryfields

According to new statistics compiled by Buckinghamshire Business First, 1,100 new homes have been finished in the Vale over the last 12 months, contributing massively to the 1,740 overall in the county.

At 1.5% of the Vale’s total housing stock of 74,910, the figure makes the district the sixth fastest growing area out of 326 local authorities.

Only 60 new homes were built in the Chiltern district during the last 12 months, with 120 in South Bucks and 470 in Wycombe.

More homes are being built in Aylesbury Vale than in any of the core cities except Leeds (1,500), ahead of Bristol (1,000), Manchester (900), Sheffield (850), Birmingham (660), Newcastle (620), Liverpool (550) and Nottingham (180).

The 1,740 completed in Buckinghamshire in the last year was more than in any of the 32 London Boroughs.

Across England 125,610 dwellings were completed in the last year, the most in any year since 2009 but still the seventh lowest annual total since 1948 and 28.9 per cent below 2007’s prerecession peak.

If national house building matched Aylesbury Vale’s rate, England would have built 343,207 homes in 2014, exceeding all targets.


> Rent: At £1,013 per month, mean private sector rents in Buckinghamshire are 48.3% higher than across England as a whole, the fourth highest among the 27 county council areas.

> Gross Disposable Household Income: At £23,342, Buckinghamshire’s per capita gross disposable household income is one of the highest in the country.

> Fuel poverty: In 2013, 15,492 (7.5%) of households in Buckinghamshire were in fuel poverty.

> Jobs: Buckinghamshire’s claimant count fell by 72 in May to stand at 2,721, the lowest level since December 2007 and the 3rd lowest since records began in 1983.