How firm founded by Wendover man came to work alongside scientist Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking with some of the Theory of Relativity stamps
Stephen Hawking with some of the Theory of Relativity stamps

A graphics design company set up by a Wendover man has released stamps focusing on the work of Professor Stephen Hawking, as it continues its collaboration with the world renowned scientist.

Ben Glazier initially created branding for the Stephen Hawking Foundation before the partnership between the two blossomed.

Ben Glazier and Sasha Haco

Ben Glazier and Sasha Haco

Mr Glazier said: “The branding we created for the foundation features a stunningly simple logo, using his thumbprint as an icon above the foundation name.

“Following that we created a Christmas card for Stephen to send to the Queen, President Obama and just about every world and faith leader.

“It is a simple message, “where there is life, there is hope”, over a picture of the Earth taken from space.”

Mr Glazier then arranged for one of his company’s clients, the Isle of Man post office to send the festive cards out with a unique stamp featuring the branding.

At the same time, the post office were working with astronaut Tim Peake, who had taken some stamps into space with him.

It was arranged for a very special Christmas card to be signed for all the crew by Prof Hawking, and it was then emailed into space by the European Space Agency and printed out to go on the wall of the International Space Station.

The post office and Glazier Design then came up with the idea of the 100 years of General Relativity stamps, which focus on the work of Prof Hawking.

Mr Glazier said: “Everybody was willing to help and we used all our connections to get good results.”

Mr Glazier, 47, a father-of-three added that he wanted to use his work alongisde the Professor to get local children inspired by science.

He added: “Some schoolchildren in the Isle of Man have been writing letters to Stephen Hawking and I hope to be able to get some schools in Bucks doing the same thing.”

Mr Glazier added that his impressions of Prof Hawking from the work the companies had done together was that he was ‘a very focused’ man who put ‘a lot of time into his work.’