Hotel staff coached in how to catch a pervert

Police constables Nicki Tipping (left) and Beckie Jones at a secret hotel near Buckingham
Police constables Nicki Tipping (left) and Beckie Jones at a secret hotel near Buckingham

Housekeepers, porters and bar staff are being trained in how to spot child predators at their hotels.

Eagle-eyed hotel workers are being armed with a Child Sexual Exploitation checklist to challenge potential paedophiles.

Excessive amounts of condom wrappers, asking for room service and paying in cash are all alarm-bell signs.

Staff are also asked to watch out for guests who ask for an isolated room, leave and return at unusual hours or young people with ‘significantly older boyfriends’.

Guests without ID or luggage should be questioned and rooms should be searched for drug paraphernalia such as syringes, bongs and spoons.

Police constables Nicki Tipping and Beckie Jones shared the signs with staff and put up posters this morning at a secret hotel near Buckingham.

It is part of a new series of seminars being carried out by Thames Valley Police across the region.

PC Tipping said the seminars have stemmed from Operation Bullfinch – the probe to jail an Oxford grooming gang.

She said: “I hadn’t heard of child sexual exploitation before. It’s really caught everyone on the back-foot.

“Perverts out there will take any age of victim. There are some horrible people out there.”

Staff are encouraged to make eye contact with the guests to suss them out and ask why they are visiting.

CCTV should be regularly monitored and keep a log of suspicious guests’ descriptions, accents and car registration plates.

PC Jones said: “They are just indicators, not a guarantee and even if it comes to nothing, it will make you feel better that you said something.

“Not many people do this but we just need to catch the few that do.”