HMV closure in Aylesbury signals end of an era for the humble compact disc

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THE full effects of the download generation will now be felt heavily as Aylesbury town centre’s only shop selling a broad selection of new CDs is waving goodbye to the town.

HMV, based in Friars Square shopping centre, is set to close it doors on Saturday, February 11 after having been based in Aylesbury since 1993.

The closure is part of the HMV group’s move to shut down 35 stores across the country where it is felt the stores are not financially viable.

Aylesbury-born musician John Otway, 59, says the news signals the end of an era.

“It’s terribly sad,” he said.

“The town will suffer – it’s the demise of a culture.

“I understand a lot of the market is now online, but there’s something far more healthy about going out and browsing music shops than buying online. Besides, a lot of people my age still depend on their CD collections – it’s very sad news.

“It’s particularly sad for me, as they ran an event for me when I released my last two albums.”

While the closure of the Aylesbury store forms part of a bigger plan to close several UK stores, it will be the only shop in the region to be shut down.

A HMV spokesman said: “We’re really sorry to be closing our store in Friars Square.

“This is not a decision we’ve taken lightly and doesn’t in any way reflect on the fantastic work colleagues that we have there.

“We are working hard to relocate our Aylesbury staff to other stores in the region.

“We would also like to point out that our decision does not in any way reflect on our regular customers who we would like to thank most sincerely for their valued support over the past years.

“We shall be looking forward to perhaps seeing our Aylesbury customers at nearby HMV stores or online at

“Nine members of staff are currently in employment at the Friars Square store, all of whom are currently in consultation.

It is believed that the store, once vacated by HMV, may also form part of Friars Square latest store H&M.