High society scandals feature in latest books by Oxfordshire historian

Julie Ann GodsonJulie Ann Godson
Julie Ann Godson
The scandalous behaviour of high society people in Oxfordshire feature in a new book by a county historian.

History buffs may enjoy having their stockings filled with the latest books from Julie Ann Godson.

Julie said: “Secret love affairs, murder, blackmail, poisoning and extortion: most of us enjoy a good scandal. And it’s even more fun when it involves our so-called betters.

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“‘Scandal in High Society Oxfordshire: twenty tales of toffs in trouble’ tells a selection of jaw-dropping true stories of shenanigans in high places, from the Tudor period right up to the modern age.

“Few readers will fail to be impressed by the sheer variety of ways in which the upper classes of the county have contrived over the centuries to behave badly, and usually to get away with it.” It is available on Amazon.co.uk at £10.99.

Another book, ‘1066: Oxfordshire and the Norman Conquest – why it all started and finished in our county’ is an entertaining romp through the events of the Norman Conquest in Oxfordshire. From Edward the Confessor’s birth in Islip through to the formal surrender in Wallingford after the Battle of Hastings, modern Oxfordshire provided the backdrop to major events that shaped the destiny of the whole nation. Available on Amazon.co.uk at £8.49.

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