Help the players for their next curtain call

The Haddenham Players have two more productions in the pipeline and are on the lookout for more helpers as they hope to draw bigger audiences to the shows.
Haddenham PlayersHaddenham Players
Haddenham Players

The committee has recently attracted new volunteers and players promoted the group at the village fete, pictured, to add to the mailing list.

Mike Sullivan, chairman of Haddenham Players, said: “We are always in need of volunteers who can spare an hour or two each month - supporters who can promote what we do, workers who would like to get involved in building sets and helping with costumes and so much more.

“With a variety show in full preparation for October and our traditional pantomime about to audition for a run in February plus lots of spin-off activities and events we can be a great home to all the thespians, comedians, singers, dressers-up and make-up folk — and make a lot of fun together! Let’s have the joiners, electricians and painters who can build us a great set. Let’s have a community push and make this an AmDram group to be proud of.”

For more information email secretary Tom Chisholm at [email protected] or search for Haddenham players on Facebook. Please indicate your area of interest.

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