‘Help residents rather than just ticket cars’: Petition calls on council to help solve parking crisis on Aylesbury street

Weedon Road, Aylesbury
Weedon Road, Aylesbury

A petition has been launched calling on Bucks County Council to help local residents in solving the parking crisis on Weedon Road.

The petition was launched on June 29 and claims that tickets are issued when there is clearly nowhere else to park.

It reads: “Parking has become hazardous on Weedon Road during the parking hours which are from 6pm to 8am six days a week.

“The road is busier than ever and more households have more cars.

“The lay-by towards the traffic lights is nearly always full in the mornings and evenings and other houses have no drop down curbs so do not use their parking.

“There are no bays marked on the lay-by so space can be wasted.

“On Saturdays there are normally no spaces after 8am as it is still busy and the service road is in appalling condition so people don’t use it.

“Something needs to be done to help residents rather than just ticketing cars when there are no other options.

“Ticketing has happened all year round and even on Boxing Day when it is incredibly busy and impossible to park anywhere.”

Residents claim the problem is only getting worse and are calling on the council to help them tackle the issue.

The petition runs until August 3.

Are you a Weedon Road resident who has trouble parking?

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