Help needed to fund coding tool

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A village-based tech brand has developed ‘the ultimate coding gadget’ in an attempt to bring coding to the masses and are now fundraising to take it to market.

The ‘Fuzebox’ developed by Fuze Technologies from Wotton Underwood uses a range of sensors including light, heat, gyro and GPS to allow children and seasoned coders alike to interact with their written code on a visual level.

Founder of Fuze and CEO, Jon Silvera, said: “We have an objective driven by a passion to make it as easy as possible for kids to get into coding.”

The device connects to equipment such as smartphones, tablets and PCs via USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabling users to program anything from apps and games to motion sensor cameras and television remotes.

Fuze needs to raise £125,000 via KickStarter in order to manufacture its first 1,000 hardware units, support on-going development costs and run free workshops. It is also commissioned by the Bucks Learning Trust to produce a computer development program. Bedgrove Combined and St Louis Catholic School are already using the technology too. Donate at