Heavily pregnant woman victim of hit-and-run

Jennifer Hockley's car is a write-off
Jennifer Hockley's car is a write-off

A heavily pregnant woman who was the victim of a hit-and-run accident is calling for other motorists to keep an eye out for the offender.

Jennifer Hockley, who works at Kiln Farm, was driving home in her VW Polo last Thursday afternoon when she was hit by another car.

The bruises on Jennifer's pregnant tummy

The bruises on Jennifer's pregnant tummy

Miss Hockley, who lives in Winslow and is six months pregnant, was driving along Pitsford Lane when the driver of a Mitsubishi Shogun, who was driving in the other direction turned into Burners Lane straight in front of her and crashed into the side of her car.

He did not indicate he was turning.

Miss Hockley, 31, said: “He cut straight across and went into the side of my vehicle.

“I got out because both of my air bags went off and I am six months pregnant.

“He would have seen I was pregnant.

“He skidded in reverse and then sped off. I have severe bruising across my neck and tummy and both of my knees are swollen.

“He must have been doing 60 to 70mph before he hit me.

“My front bumper is twisted – there is no way he was doing 30mph.”

She added that thankfully her daughter, Emily, was not in the car with her at the time.

Miss Hockley went to Milton Keynes Hospital to be checked out and although the baby’s heartbeat sounded normal, she is still concerned for the baby’s health.

Her car is also a write-off.

Writing on her Facebook page, Miss Hockley said: “I feel so lucky to have walked away with minor injuries.

“I just want him caught – he could have killed someone.”

Anyone with any information about the crash which injured Miss Hockley is asked to call Thames Valley Police on 101.