Mum backs new campaign against epipen cost cutting

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A mum whose daughters have severe food allergies is spearheading a national petition against new advice

on life-saving epipens.

Lindsay Wertheim, of Fairford Leys, helped start an online campaign just two weeks ago and a petition has already gained more than 44,700 supporters.

Lindsay is railing against new advice on epipens – or adrenaline auto injector pens – released by the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology (BSACI) on September 29.

Lindsay’s daughters Lola, six, and Roxie, three, both have multiple food allergies and carry two epipens each at all times. But the new guidelines suggest just one epipen should be prescribed for free.

Lindsay explained: “These guidelines plan to cut costs and reduce adrenalin prescription to one per person.

“Adrenalin is needed to stop anaphylaxis causing death. It is a life-saving medication and the manufacturer’s instructions are to give one pen and then repeat after five/ten minutes with another if an ambulance has not arrived.

“We know ambulances do not always arrive within less last than five minutes.”

“The pens cost around £26 for the sake of a life.”

The new advice goes against the guidelines of the European Medicines Agency and the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

Campaigners also highlight that 999 anaphylaxis calls are not always treated as a code-red response .

BSACI issued an update last week stressing that each patient should be assessed on their own merits and in some cases two epipens would be prescribed.

The petition can be found at

There is also a Twitter campaign with the hashtag #wheredoyoucarrytwo and actress Sara Jessica Parker has backed it as her son has allergies.