Can you help mother suffering from rare form of cancer "make memories"?

If you can help in anyway, please visit her just giving site here:

Sarah Bryant, from Aylesbury, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer grade 4 synovial sarcoma, a very rare form of cancer.

She has decided to share her story, in hopes that you can help her achieve her dreams before she passes away.

She has decided to share her story, in hopes that you can help her achieve her dreams before she passesaway.

If you can help in anyway, please visit her just giving site here:

Here is her story, below:

She was first diagnosed over a year ago, with a tumour on her left leg under her knee.

After an intense three cycles of chemotherapy, with no improvement, the cancer specialist decided that Sarah needed the maximum amount of radiotherapy - an extremely powerful blast of radiation.

Unfortunately for Sarah, that didn't work either. So they decided to operate to remove the tumour.

This has left her with no calf muscle, a very weak knee joint and constant pain and shaking.

Sarah's misfortune, however, didn't stop there.

She said: " After 10 weeks on crutches I contracted an infection in the wound which after the scan revealed the tumour had returned and unfortunately spread up into my lymph nodes in September 2017. This recurring tumor grew extremely fast so more surgery was needed."

After this, Sarah was greenlighted that the cancer had gone and she could get on with her life again. Unfortunately this was not to be the case.

"In October 2017 i went to A&E with chronic chest pains which turned out to be a collapsed lung also with fluid inside, further scans revealed that cancer has travelled again to my lungs very quickly. By this point I was getting very scared for my life.

Chemotherapy again, didn't work for Sarah.

"My recent pet scan revealed our absolute worst fears, the chemo had not worked and my metastatic lump in my lung has doubled in size, I had never seen anything like it - one big mass of synovial sarcoma the same rare type of cancer I have had through this whole year. It has just been relentlessly chasing through my left side and it is going to kill me and take my early.

"There is no way of telling how much time I have left although I can tell it’s not long as my breathing is all wrong and I struggle to walk some days. The oncologist cannot tell me and, to be honest, I don’t want to know - it could be weeks, it could be months, it could be years we just don’t know. Time is so precious to me now.

"I have a 6 year old beautiful boy called Ben who is absolutely devoted to me and if you like, in many ways, a mini me - we do everything together and he is honestly the best kid ever. I am so proud of him and it breaks my heart to know I will not be around to see him grow into a man - he is my angel and I am his.

"So now time....time is precious especially when time is borrowed, memories...memories have to be made.

"There are lots of things I would love for us to do before I die. We are finally looking to get married after a 15 year engagement and go on a family holiday, lots of things for my son to remember his mummy by in happiness and not in pain.

"So, Ben, Luke, my family and I are calling on you, you lovely people out there to help by donating to my making memories cause. A bucket list fund if you like, a fund for myself Luke, Ben and my family to fill up whatever time I have left, whether it be weeks, months or years with good memories. Whatever you can do to help would be so greatly appreciated you just don’t understand what we could do with your kindness and your help."

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