Hawkslade's last green space sacrificed for just NINE homes

Hawkslade's last green space sacrificed for NINE homes
Hawkslade's last green space sacrificed for NINE homes

Residents of Hawkslade have been left furious after Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust have decided to turn the last piece of green space into a measly NINE homes.

The green, said by local residents to be ‘invaluable’ to local life, serves as a ‘vital community space’.

There has already been over 200 objection letters on the planning application, and residents have erected signposts along the side of the field.

Some residents have described it as ‘insane’.

Local residents have also complained that the small development would be detrimental to wildlife in the area.

Kirsty Voskins, who is leading a campaign against the development, said in an objection letter: “The impact this development will have on the neighbouring community far outweighs the benefit of the development of 9 dwellings.

“The entire Hawkslade community will lose its ONLY valuable amenity green space used daily for social activities.

“The proposal would demonstrably harm the amenities enjoyed by local residents, in particular the loss of such valuable green space.

Rose Miller, a local resident said: “Aylesbury is a Garden Town. All new developments must provide green social spaces. So why is it OK to build on Hawkslade’s only green space ?
“To lose this valuable social amenity would be detrimental to our children, grandchildren, dog walkers, wildlife and others.

“VOA Housing state that a significant portion of the green will remain. However much of that borders the busy Ellen Road and unsafe for children to kick a ball or dogs to chase one.
“So all that remains is an area of approx 60mx15m between mature trees with a new road running alongside, therefore also unsafe for play.

The Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust said: “There are currently 3,218 families waiting for affordable housing in Aylesbury Vale.

“The Trust exists to provide affordable housing for people in need.

“The proposed development is for nine affordable homes and maintains a significant portion of the green area for amenity use. Using our own land effectively allows us to develop affordable homes within existing sustainable communities, something we cannot otherwise do.

“The planning application is outline only at this stage and should it be successful we will consult with local residents before submitting a detailed application.

“We wrote directly to the residents surrounding the site as soon the application was registered making sure they were aware of the application and how to comment. Whether supportive or otherwise, local feedback is an important part of the planning process and our future consultation.

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