Gypsies set up camp near Tony Blair’s mansion

Gypsies have set up home close to Tony Blair's house
Gypsies have set up home close to Tony Blair's house

Gypsies who have set up home in the Vale village where Tony Blair lives are having action taken against them by the district council.

Members of the gypsy community are believed to have bought land in Kingswood Lane, Wotton Underwood, close to the South Pavilion, the home of the former Prime Minister.

But Aylesbury Vale District Council rejected a retrospective planning application to house mobile homes on the land, and issued the notice, which prevents any more caravans or associated works on the land.

A spokesman for the council said: “We can confirm that a number of gypsy caravans are situated on a piece of land adjacent to Kingswood Lane, Wotton Underwood.

“On Monday evening the council issued a temporary stop notice to every caravan and their occupants which prohibits further caravans, other structures, hard standings and further occupations occurring.

“We will be monitoring activity on the site to ensure compliance with the stop notice, and will take further action if necessary.”

The gypsy site is a stone’s throw from the Blair’s grand home which used to be the home of Oscar-winning actor Sir John Gielgud.

Gielgud, who was awarded the Oscar in 1981 for his role alongside Dudley Moore in Arthur, was said to keep the gong on his bathroom windowsill at the stately home.

The Grade I listed house was bought by the Blairs in 2008 for £4 million.