Gruelling 60 hour charity flight and a cat food ‘treat’!

Zeke Iddon
Zeke Iddon

A writer took on a high flying challenge this bank holiday weekend – to fly around the world on the flight simulator used by NASA, while doing some disgusting challenges!

Zeke Iddon, 30, who lives in Aylesbury’s Old Town, used his Iron Man Mode gaming website to live stream the mission on the internet. And a crowd of virtual onlookers gathered to support the endurance exercise and donate more than £1,200 for the Child’s Play charity.

Online supporters devised a host of cruel and unusual eating challenges to keep Zeke awake, and the donations coming in during the marathon event.

After the 60 hour mission he said: “It got a little bit quiet while we were flying over the Pacific, so everyone set me challenges.

“One of them was to eat cat food, which made me sick. Another was to eat a spoonfull of cinnamon, which wasn’t that bad but I’ve later found out it’s quite dangerous.

“I’ve just woken up from my first proper sleep since Thursday and my back really hurts, but that doesn’t matter because we smashed our target and have to date raised £1,230!”

But the mission did have its turbulent times and Zeke, who has never used a flight simulator before, had many bumpy landings.

He said: “We didn’t have one successful landing, the best one was when my wife Julia took over the controls. But if it had been a real plane with real passengers no one would have been killed.”

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