Government to review local government ethics, have your say

Political intimidation, abuse of power, conflict of interest - all under the microscope as part of the government's new consultation on the ethics of local government.
Both AVDC and Bucks County Council have commented on the plansBoth AVDC and Bucks County Council have commented on the plans
Both AVDC and Bucks County Council have commented on the plans

The Government’s Committee on Standards in Public Life launched a new four-month public consultation on January 29, which will run until May 18.

They’re looking to generate discussion around local government codes of conducts, practices for dealing with whistle-blowing, and what’s done in instances of conflict of interests.

The committee said: “Robust standards arrangements are needed to safeguard local democracy, maintain high standards of conduct, and to protect ethical practice in local government.

Bucks County Council will not be sending a response. They said: “Buckinghamshire County Council requires all elected councillors to abide by the council’s code of conduct as detailed in the council’s constitution.

“These documents set out the standards of conduct expected of all members of the council and are open for anyone to read on the council’s public website.

“The County Council has no current plans on submitting a consultation response.”

Aylesbury Vale District Council commentated: “There has been some well-publicised confusion lately. We are aware of the consultation and we’ll be considering how we can usefully contribute”

The committee are calling for all submissions to be no longer than 2000 words in length, and confined to one document.

To take part in the consultation, you can email your response to [email protected] or you can write to Local government ethical standards review, GC.07, 1 Horse Guards Road, London, SW1A 2HQ

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