Giraffe restaurant gets the green light at Tesco Broadfields

Giraffe is coming to Tesco Broadfields
Giraffe is coming to Tesco Broadfields

Plans to build a Giraffe restaurant at Tesco Broadfields in Aylesbury have been approved by the district council.

Proposals to start work on building the restaurant premises at the Tesco Superstore have been approved despite Aylesbury Town Council opposing the idea.

In September the town council said a Giraffe at Tesco Broadfields ‘would not comply with aspirations for improvement of the restaurants offer within the town centre’.

It added: “There is already a choice of two restaurants nearby in this out-of-centre location.

“Why not locate in under-used floor space within the store?

“Clear pedestrian routes across the large supermarket car park are needed to ensure safety.”

But the final say always rested with Aylesbury Vale District Council and it has given the family eatery the go ahead this week.

Supermarket giant Tesco bought the restaurant chain for £48.6m earlier this year and plan to open branches near its stores as it seeks to create “retail destinations” for customers.

Tesco pointed to Giraffe’s popularity with a wide range of ages, particularly families, as part of its appeal.

“We think our customers will love it,” said group commercial director Kevin Grace.


+ Founded by husband and wife team Russel and Juliette Joffe, and Andrew Jacobs, the first restaurant opened in Hampstead, north London, in 1998

+ Mr Joffe liked the fact that the giraffe has the biggest heart of any land mammal

+ Serves food “to the sounds of world music”

+ Now has 47 sites in the UK, including franchised sites at Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester airports, as well as one in Dubai