General Election: David Gauke retains Hertfordshire South West

Conservative David Gauke has held the Hertfordshire South West constituency with an increased majority.
David GaukeDavid Gauke
David Gauke

Gauke took the honours with 32,608 votes – a massive majority of 23,263 compared to 14,920 in the last elecetion in 2010.

The margin of victory largely came as a result of a collapse in the Liberal Democrat vote on a disastrous night for the party.

Whereas the Liberal Democrats gained 15,853 votes in 2010, they sliiped to fourth place in Hertfordshire South West yesterday (Thursday) with just 5,872 votes.

Mr Gauke’s closest rival on this occasion was Labour’s Simon Diggins, with UKIP’s Mark Anderson finishing third.
Turnout for the constituency was 71.9 per cent, a sligh dip when compared to 2010.

Full results were:

David Gauke (Con) – 32,608

Simon Diggins (Lab) – 9,345

Mark Anderson (UKIP) – 6,603

Nigel Quinton (Lib Dem) – 5,872

Charlotte Pardy (Green) – 2,583

Graham Cartmell (Common Sense Party) – 256