Gay wedding cakes range launched

A bespoke cake maker has launched a “gay-friendly” range of wedding cakes after she was shocked to see reports in the media of cake makers turning away same-sex couples.

By Becca Choules
Friday, 27th February 2015, 5:33 pm
The Cake House's new range of same-sex wedding cakes
The Cake House's new range of same-sex wedding cakes

Sherry Hostler, of The Cake House in Tring, said: “Bespoke cake design is an industry that has grown dramatically over the last few years, and as an industry it needs to keep up to date with changes in society.

“As wedding cake designers we play a big part in the success of a wedding, and everyone deserves to be treated equally in the service we offer.”

Gay wedding cakes have been subject to a lot of media coverage in the media recently after customers were refused service based on their sexuality. Having already made cakes for five same sex weddings, Sherry was stunned to read a recent Daily Mail article quoting rising Republican US presidential hopeful Ben Carson, who suggested that Christian bakers may poison gay couples who order wedding cakes. Mr Carson has since tried to distance himself from the controversial statement.

Sherry, who is the preferred cake maker for venues such as Shendish Manor in Apsley and Boxmoor Lodge in Hemel Hempstead, feels everyone is entitled to their own personal views, but said: “No matter what, we all deserve the right to be happy, which is why I have used the rainbow pride flag on my latest cakes.

“And it’s great for me because I can be more flamboyant with my designs!

“The flag is a sign of diversity and inclusiveness among the LGBT community, and I wanted to use its symbolism for some of my customers’ cakes.”

Sherry Hostler of The Cake House