Future Year 7s take to the stage

Future Year 7s at Mandeville School at a CampFirst summer camp
Future Year 7s at Mandeville School at a CampFirst summer camp

Students who will be heading to Mandeville School in September took a starring role in a theatrical extravaganza last Friday.

The event marked the end of a summer camp designed to help youngsters make the step to secondary school.

The production, which took place at the school in front of an audience of 60, saw the students take to the stage and perform in various pieces of work prepared over the course of the summer camp, run by CampFirst.

Thousands of students from across the UK have been taking part at their respective schools to help prepare them for the leap to secondary school through intensive numeracy and literacy classes.

CampFirst provides activities designed to boost the students’ confidence and give them new experiences, including PE lessons, drama classes, day trips and computer programming classes.

Summer Camp Manager Michael Stevove, said: “Although it has been 10 years already, I still remember the shy period of my transition to secondary school.

“I did not talk to anyone I had not known before, and new friendships came only slowly.

“Summer camps like this one, however, provide an ideal place for children to meet each other, and create a strong basis for a well-functioning class of Year 7. ”

Emma Jefford, Head of Year 7 at Mandeville School, added: “Over the last seven days, we have seen our students developing in confidence, both academically and socially, whilst making progress in core subjects.

“The summer camp has enabled Mandeville staff to get to really know some of the individuals that make up our September 2015 cohort, which will mean that we are able to personalise provision for them in advance of their imminent arrival, but also that the students have been able to foster positive relationships with staff and their peers alike – one of their biggest worries about transition.”