From front of house at Aylesbury Friars to legal eagle to stars of the music world

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From front of house at 
Aylesbury’s Friars club to one of the music industry’s top lawyers...that has been the life of Paul Lennon.

Aylesbury Grammar School alumni Paul used to the sneak into the legendary club, even when he was underage, but ended up finding a job there during his teenage years as front of house security.

He and his friends enjoyed shows from a string of legends including The Clash and Iggy Pop, cementing his deep seated love of music.

Paul can been seen in many pictures from classic Friars shows, including the iconic Ramones photograph used on the front of the Friars exhibition brochure released in conjunction with the Bucks County Museum event in 2014.

But nowadays he has carved out a successful career as an industry lawyer, working with acts including Labrinth (pictured right), Years & Years, Peter Doherty, Dizzee Rascal and Sam Smith.

The industry leader, who is a partner in law firm Statham Gill Davies, said: “We started going to gigs when we 
were about 16 or 17, obviously we thought that was 
normal but we were still underage. The Friars years were great years and so many amazing bands came to town.

“Robin Pike was a teacher at my school and he really introduced a lot of us to music.

“Every year we had a school dance and one year I helped to organise it, we put on a band called The Yachts – a great band used to play every year, including Mott The Hoople and Eddie and the Hot Rods.

“It was that which introduced me to the music industry, and ultimately I made it my business.”

After school was over Paul went to university in Norwich to study politics, only picking up law as a post graduate subject.

He said: “I applied to all the top firms in London and luckily someone needed someone. I had never really appreciated that I could still become a lawyer, and obviously music was my interest.”

And speaking about his continued love of music he said: “I still go to see bands two or three times a week, I still enjoy going to see live music just like I did when I was a teenager.”

Offering advice for anyone wanting to work in the industry Paul added: “The music industry is more accessible today than it ever was.

“With artists these days they can make music very cheaply in a bedroom, being an artist is a lot easier than it used to be.

“I always say to artists, spend lots of time writing songs, that way you will have lots of material if something does take off.

“I would say to anyone who wants to work in any part of the industry, just do it yourself and promote yourself, and if you are good someone will notice.”

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