‘Fro-yo’ dreams for family

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A husband and wife duo who want to spend more time as a family have set up a chilled out new business venture - right in time for summer.

Iya Abdul Rahman and Nizar Abdul Raham moved to Aylesbury two years ago, but the couple spent too much time appart due to Nizar’s work abroad.

So they decided to work on opening their own frozen yoghurt business Yoyo-Gurt in Market Street, meaning that petroleum engineer Nizar can spend more time with his wife and two young children who are aged 23 months and two months.

The couple even designed the vibrant frontage and interior for their town centre premisis themselves, adding high stools and neon lights to give the store a futuristic and welcoming look.

And to celebrate, Yoyo-Gurt was opened, and given the seal of approval by newly appointed Mayor of Aylesbury Barbara Russel last week.

Iya said: “My husband usually works five weeks in Iraq and takes five weeks off in the UK with me. We used to live in London where frozen yoghurt was an everyday treat, but we are the first frozen yoghurt shop in Aylesbury.

“We have invested our life savings in the shop and we hope that the people of Aylesbury will love and support our frozen yoghurt as much as we do.”

The shop serves a range of yoghurt based treats as well as protein shakes and fresh juice.

And Iya hopes that new customers will also enjoy her homemade cupcakes.

Speaking about the shop’s launch last week, she said: “It was a great opening and the mayor Barbara Russel made it a very special day.

“We have also had some wonderful help from Chandler Garvey the letting agency which helped make our dreams a reality.”

The store is now open to the public, and is even featured on Youtube in a special video about the launch.

Iya added: “We just want to bring something new and fresh to the area, and we really hope that people like it.”