Friars posters and flyers including Motorhead, David Bowie and The Clash to go under the hammer

This Friars poster will be part of the auctionThis Friars poster will be part of the auction
This Friars poster will be part of the auction
Friars chiefs are selling off rare and collectable club memorabilia to fund an archive which will immortalise the iconic club forever.

The Friars Aylesbury Archive is a not-for-profit project which will create a complete archive of all Friars related memorabilia including Friars news sheets, posters, tickets, video, recordings, press cuttings etc.

Bosses are then intending to completely digitise everything so that there is a permanent record of everything that has happened since Friars first started in June 1969.

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But to do that cash is needed, and some extra and duplicate items will be included in a sale at the Omega Memorabilia Auction tomorrow.

Friars founder David Stopps, said: "Any funds created will be used to add additional security to the archive, digitise the archive and to create a fund to buy any missing items of which there are quite a few, as you will see below. We were recently thrilled to be able to purchase a Friars U2 poster from June 1981 which we’ve been after for many years."

You can find out more about the auction by visiting

The following Friars items are in the auction:


The Clash 1981 Combat Rock Tour Lot 214

David Bowie 1972 30”X40” World Premiere of Ziggy Stardust Lot 367


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The Ramones/Osibisa 1977 + Ramones/Iggy Pop 1980 (Both together) Lot 216

The Clash/Ramones 1980 Lot 214

Genesis (Duke Tour)/Dennis Brown 1980 Lot 333

U2 + Altered Images 1981 Lot 215

There seems to be a lot of excitement about the Bowie poster, which Omega have featured on their main page. The auction will be live streamed.

As explained we are very keen to acquire the items we are missing, for the archive. Some people have already kindly donated items to the archive for which we are very grateful, but we are quite prepared to pay for them if necessary.

These are the missing handouts and posters as of June 2020:




Mott The Hoople + Paul Brett's Sage



Mott The Hoople + Darien Spirit



Cockney Rebel + BeBop Deluxe


Cockney Rebel + AJ Webber



Simple Minds + Hey! Elastica



Solstice + Pendragon


Public Image Limited


Marillion + Nigel Planer as Neil



Thomas Dolby + Dekka Danse


Ian Dury & The Music Students + MG Giant + Adrenalin


Fiction Factory + House Of Hearts

POSTERS (20” X 30”)

Monday 25th August 1969


Monday 8th September 1969

Quintessence + John Peel

Monday 13th October 1969

Principal Edwards Magic Theatre

Monday 20th October 1969

Skin Alley

Monday 10th/17th November 1969

Caravan/Graham Bond Initiation

Monday 5th/12th January 1970

East Of Eden/Writing On The Wall

Monday 2nd February 1970

Mott The Hoople

Monday 9th February 1970


Monday 23rd February 1970

Hawkwind + Mick Softley

Monday 2nd March 1970

Writing On The Wall + Black Apple

Monday 9th March 1970

The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown + SME

Monday 16th March 1970

Edgar Broughton Band

Monday 23rd March 1970

Matthews Southern Comfort

Monday 6th April 1970

Skin Alley

Monday 13th April 1970

Genesis + Nick Drake

Monday 20th April 1970

Roy Harper + Mick Softley

Monday 27th April 1970

Van Der Graaf Generator

Monday 4th May 1970

Mott The Hoople + Mick Softley

Monday 11th May 1970


Monday 18th May 1970

Gypsy + Amber

Monday 1st June 1970

Mick Softley + Roger Ruskin Spear + Wishbone Ash + Les Payne

Monday 8th June 1970

Groundhogs + Chameleon

Monday 29th June 1970


Monday 6th July 1970


Saturday 5th June 1971

Southern Comfort + Help Yourself + Ade Roach

Saturday 26th June 1971

Al Kooper + Hookfoot

Friday 2nd July 1971

Lindisfarne + Gilbert Hampshire's Armpit Review

Saturday 10th July 1971

Van Der Graaf Generator

Saturday 31st July 1971

East Of Eden + Home

Saturday 21st August 1971

Hookfoot + Quiver

Saturday 9th October 1971


Saturday 8th April 1972

Edgar Broughton Band + Mr Moses School Band

Saturday 22nd April 1972

Hawkwind + Magic Muscle

Saturday 8th July 1972

Caravan + Gnidrolog

Saturday 12th August 1972

Stray + Snakeye

Saturday 9th September 1972

Wizzard + Glencoe

Saturday 21st October 1972

Jonathan Kelly + Capability Brown

Saturday 6th January 1973

Brinsley Schwarz + Kala

Saturday 10th February 1973

Mott The Hoople + Darien Spirit

Saturday 3rd March 1973

Barclay James Harvest + Solution

Saturday 26th May 1973

Roy Buchanan + Solution

Saturday 17th June 1973

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Jo'Burg Hawk + Magus + Otway & Barrett (Raban's Rock '73)

Saturday 23rd June 1973

Backdoor + Budgie

Saturday 7th July 1973

Jack The Lad + Peter Hammill + Zox & The Radar Boys

Saturday 18th August 1973

Jo'Burg Hawk + Glencoe

Saturday 1st September 1973

String Driven Thing + Ducks Deluxe

Saturday 15th September 1973

Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen + Kilburn and The High Roads

Saturday 29th September 1973

Jonathan Kelly + Gryphon

Saturday 3rd November 1973

Darryl Way's Wolf + Le Orme

Saturday 17th November 1973

Stackridge + Aj Webber + Warrior

Saturday 1st December 1973


Friday 7th December1973

Carmen + Rotgut

Saturday 22nd December 1973

Ducks Deluxe + Starry Eyed And Laughing

Saturday 29th December 1973

String Driven Thing + Kilburn and The High Roads

Saturday 2nd February 1974

Greenslade + Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers

Saturday 16th February 1974


Saturday 2nd March 1974

Queen + Fruup

Saturday 9th March 1974

Manfred Mann's Earth Band + Wally

Saturday 13th April 1974

Refugee + Aj Webber

Saturday20th April 1974

Blodwyn Pig + Narnia

Saturday 8th June 1974

Silverhead + Blue

Sunday 21st July 1974

Capability Brown + Aj Webber + Druid + Palace + Avalon (Raban's Rock '74)

Saturday 17th August 1974

Blodwyn Pig + Nutz

Saturday 21st December 1974

Jess Roden Band + String Driven Thing

Wednesday 19th March 1975

Hunter Ronson Band + Warren Harry and The Yum Yum Band

Saturday 17th May 1975

Dr Feelgood + Warren Harry

Saturday 8th November 1975

Camel + Asylum

Saturday 20th November 1976

The Flamin Groovies + The Vibrators

Saturday 18th June 1977

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers + The Boomtown Rats

Saturday 7th January 1978

Osibisa + Spartacus

Saturday 11th March 1978

Motorhead + The Radiators From Space

Saturday 22nd April 1978

The Modern Lovers

Wednesday 28th June 1978

The Clash + The Coventry Automatics

Saturday 19th January 1980

John Peel Road Show + Dexy's Midnight Runners + Black Slate + D Mixture

Saturday 25th June 1983

Big Country + The Lotus Eaters + Red Beat

Saturday 29th October 1983

The Truth + Screen 3 + Doris and The Dots

Saturday 5th November 1983

The Alarm + Basta Roc + Perfect Crime + The Climb

Saturday 19th November 1983

Public Image Limited + First Priority

Saturday 3rd December 1983

Gary Glitter + Gothique

Friday 23rd December 1983

The Farmers Boys and The Higsons + Popular Voice

Thursday 29th December 1983

Marillion + Nigel Planer as Neil

Friday 17th February 1984

Thomas Dolby + Dekka Danse

Saturday 14th April 1984

Grandmaster Flash + Mike Bruce + Seelabeelia

Saturday 23rd June 1984

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X-Mal Deutschland + The March Violets + Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

Friday 2nd November 1984

Sisters Of Mercy + The Skeletal Family

Saturday 10th November 1984

The Alarm + Blue In Heaven

Saturday 24th November 1984

The Cult + Balaam and the Angel + Play Dead

If you have any of the above items and would like to donate them or allow Friars chiefs to purchase them you can contact [email protected]

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