Flash mob campaign on Europe outside Thame Town Hall

Brexit flash mob in ThameBrexit flash mob in Thame
Brexit flash mob in Thame
A flash mob gave shoppers in Thame a surprise at the weekend.

Thame for Europe organised the flash mob outside the Town Hall on Saturday, February 3.

About 50 people from all areas including London, Oxford and High Wycombe joined the event despite the cold, wet day.

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The event was heralded with a fanfare from a trumpet player as participants arrived from different directions to the town centre to sing the EU anthem, Ode to Joy ,waving huge flags displaying Britain’s relationship with the EU.

Afterwards the group gave out ‘It’s not a done deal’ leaflets to passers-by encouraging those unhappy about Brexit to make their position clear to their MPs and to join protests to make their voices heard.

A spokeswoman said: “Details of the event were sent to many influential contacts from both sides of the EU debate to emphasise the growing support for remaining in the EU and the increasing realisation of the negative impact of Brexit on our country.”