Firefighters’ horseplay in town’s canal

Horse in Grand Union Canal
Horse in Grand Union Canal

A HORSE had to be coaxed out of a canal by a team of firefighters and the RSCPA at the weekend.

Six firefighters were called out the Grand Union Canal near Broughton Lane in Aylesbury at around 7.45am on Sunday after the adult chestnut mare had walked down to the canal to try to drink its water.

A spokesman from Bucks Fire and Rescue said: “Because the water level was quite low, the horse had to go right down to the water, but the bank was then too steep for it to get back up.

“We had to hatch a cunning plan with an officer from the RSPCA to get the horse out of the canal, without anyone actually having to get in the water.

“So the RSPCA attached a collar to the horse, and firefighters had to coax the animal along the canal to a part where it was able to climb out.

“Firefighters then removed a section of fencing to allow the horse back into its field and about 12 other horses who were in the paddock, one of which was its offspring, were very pleased to see it return and there was even a group nuzzling session.”