Fifty reasons why businessman is expecting a good year for sex products

Licx founder Richard Marsh
Licx founder Richard Marsh

Online businessman Richard Marsh is expecting 2015 to be a good year for his company.

The former Aylesbury Grammar school boy, who set up the Licx range of sexual lubricants, creams and wipes four years ago, expects saucy movie, Fifty Shades of Grey to greatly increase interest in his erotic products, which will also be making their way onto supermarket shelves this year.

The breakthrough in the home market is likely to be a boon for the 54-year-old who until now only sold the product online.

Richard, who was born in Wingrave but has lived in Buckland, near Aston Clinton, for nearly 10 years, has in the past been involved in the recruitment industry and consultancy.

He said: “I was looking to buy some sex products and found a real gap in the market.

“I found that there was a lack of these products out there for ordinary people, and what was on offer was either tacky or very clinical. When I did some research, I found that people were uncomfortable about going to supermarkets and buying sexual lubricants.

“I have no shame or embarrassment about the business, but I remember telling one friend while we were playing golf. He laughed so hard that he put his ball in the lake!

“I think, we should be grown up and mature about this, instead of pretending that none of us have any sexual contact?

“What I’ve found when going to business networking meetings is that people really want to talk about it but they feel they need an excuse. You wouldn’t believe the sorts of conversations I’ve had with people who were strangers minutes before.”

Licx, based from offices in Amersham has gone from strength to strength and now sells all over the world.

And the business is a real family affair with Richard’s wife and two grown-up children involved in the company.