Fifa fever! Midnight queues at Aylesbury Tesco store for must have football game

editorial image

After a late shift at work you might pop into your local late night supermarket, and you would expect it to be pretty quiet.

But not so last night, as more than 100 gamers queued for the latest must-have game Fifa 17.

The game was released at midnight today, but people started arriving at Aylesbury Braodfields Tesco earlier than that to get ahead in the queue.

Fifa fan Louis Henry, who attended the late night launch and captured this image, said: “I was surprised to see so many people, the queue even snaked around to the next aisle. Luckily I had pre-ordered it so didn’t have to wait too long.

“The picture made me laugh because it looks like everyone is just really into their stationery.”

Fifa 17 is the latest in the footballing game series, and a new one is released every year.

Would you be prepared to queue at midnight for something? Let us know what in the comments below!