FARMING MATTERS: Wildlife in the garden

Instead of working in the newspaper office, I have been working from home for the past few weeks, and so I have had the privilege of witnessing the wildlife enjoying our garden.
Roe deer in the gardenRoe deer in the garden
Roe deer in the garden

This variously includes squirrels, rabbits, pheasants, the occasional fox, lots of different birds, and frequently two roe deer.

More than 20 years ago my husband began planting a four acre wood in the centre of the farm, with a mixture of trees including Oak, Ash and Cherry. It has matured beautifully over the years and is a lovely place full of wildlife.

It is particularly popular with deer, and we have noticed an increase in the amount of deer on the farm since the wood was planted.

They like it because it gives them cover and security, but of course they frequently go out into the open fields to graze.

And over this past year one doe and her fawn have spent increasing amounts of time travelling further afield to our garden, where there is some woodland surrounding a pond.

The garden encircles the house, so it’s a bit like being in a hide. So wherever the deer choose to graze, we can see them clearly through the windows without having to open the door and disturb them. The fawn is from last year and is now almost as large as his mother, and it really is wonderful to watch them grazing.