FARMING MATTERS: Preparing the fields and fences for turn out

At this time of year we start preparing to put the cattle and sheep back outdoors for the summer.
Farmers fencing. Picture copyright Heather Jan Brunt.Farmers fencing. Picture copyright Heather Jan Brunt.
Farmers fencing. Picture copyright Heather Jan Brunt.

They are brought in for the winter for all sorts of reasons, it’s better for them and for the land. And of course we have been very busy with calving and lambing, and that is best done indoors where they can be watched and, if necessary, given assistance with the birth.

Now, as spring is well under way, the fields and fences have to be checked and made ready to take the animals once more.

That means checking that all the water troughs and water supplies are in good working order, and that all the fencing is up to strength.

Different animals require different kinds of fencing, and as cattle have grown so large due to cross breeding with large continentals, stock fences have become higher and sturdier.

Sheep require netting to stop the lambs escaping from underneath wooden bars or wires.

And these days many farmers use electric fencing to supplement the more traditional forms.

Do check out the short four and a half minute video on this page showing fencing - albeit repairs following a break out. Not quite the same, but still an example of fencing!

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