FARMING MATTERS: Preparing for lambing time

At this time of year we are preparing for the start of lambing, so very soon my husband will be gathering up our small flock of Texel ewes and transporting them via the Land Rover and livestock trailer to another field where there is a shed.

Saturday, 30th January 2016, 8:00 am
Farmer with two Texel rams

Feeding is very important at any time, but especially in the lead up to labour because the ewes are growing their lambs and need extra nutrition with energy and protein rich feed for that important job.

In addition to the grass, they are fed hay and have access to feed blocks and barley. Feed blocks are energy and protein intensive lick type foods which are based on molasses and grains and are formulated and manufactured specifically for the purpose.

The ewes will be housed prior to giving birth, as this makes the management much easier and safer.

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They will live together in a communal area of the large shed but there will be individual isolation pens for use if needed.

Statistically there are always a few problems with lambing, but not many. Sometimes a lamb might get stuck or come out the wrong way.

Most sheep manage to lamb themselves without any intervention, but the flock will be checked continually throughout this period and if help is needed, it will be there for them.