FARMING MATTERS: Filming down on the farm

Since he joined the technology age and became the proud owner of his own laptop, one of the things my husband loves to do is to go onto YouTube and watch videos from farmers around the world.
Cows and calves. Picture copyright Heather Jan BruntCows and calves. Picture copyright Heather Jan Brunt
Cows and calves. Picture copyright Heather Jan Brunt

Part of the reason he does this is to compare their films with our own because several years ago we created two series of farm videos, set to music, showing different aspects of work on our farm.

We had no desire to proselytize, we simply wanted to provide short pleasant videos that gave an indication of what happens on an English family farm. So there is no commentary and no subtitles. The themes have included bringing in and letting out the suckler cows and calves, a year in the life of an arable field, emergency fencing, sheep shearing and harvest.

We regularly receive lovely emails from viewers; the most popular videos are those with the cows and calves in them, and one in particular has had over half a million views.

But my personal favourite is the year in the life of the Home Field, because the harvest in the second half of this particular video shows all the people and machines coming together to work to bring in the wheat and it was such a magical day.

If you want to check out the two series, our videos can be found by typing in DownOnTheFarmEngland in the YouTube search box. I have posted the most popular video, about the cows and calves being let out for the spring, on this page.

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