Experience life without sight

Andy Shipley
Andy Shipley

A man who was involved in delivering the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics is preparing an event to enable people to discover and celebrate all of their senses.

Everyone is invited to join the Green Dragon Sensory Adventure experience to learn more about what their non-visual senses offer.

Visitors of all ages will be guided around the farm in Hogshaw near Quainton, as well as taking part in an exquisite evening meal to be eaten whilst blindfolded at the event which takes place from 5.30 - 9.30pm on Wednesday August 12.

Andy Shipley, who is organising the evening, says that although the menu is a surprise there won’t be anything horrible and weird like bush tucker.

He said: “The principal behind the event is to enable sighted people to learn what their non-visual senses offer.”

Mr Shipley, from Princes Risborough,is a visually impaired transformational coach and facilitator who works with individuals, organisations and communities to expan d their appreciation of the wealth of untrapped potential around them.

He has worked with government, public bodies and charities to create the social and environmental conditions to enable disabled people to participate and make an impact.

And he was involved in ensuring the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics were the most inclusive Games to date.

He said: “Anyone taking part in the Green Dragon Sensory Adventure will get the opportunity to experience the power and potential of their senses on a much richer level and achieve a deeper quality of connection with fellow participants.”

The cost is £40 per person. To book and for more details email events@greendragonecofarm.co.uk