Exhibition of work from top Brazilian artist

One of Adriana Conti Melo's pieces of artwork - 'I came back to get what I've lost'
One of Adriana Conti Melo's pieces of artwork - 'I came back to get what I've lost'

A Brazilian artist will be opening an exhibition of her work at the Queens Park Arts centre this week.

Adriana Conti Melo, artist and mother of two, has travelled from South America in order to exhibit her work in the Aylesbury gallery titled ‘I came back to get what I have lost’.

The collection was inspired by Brazilian poet Fernando Moreira Salles.

The pieces themselves are bright and colourful, featuring sets of corridors and doors.

Melo takes inspiration from modern art and architecture to create her work.

Dario Knight, a representative from the Arts Centre said: “Adriana’s art has already has a fantastic response from people walking past the exhibit - they can’t help but stop and look at the striking perspectives.”

Melo has worked in the arts for many years, having previously studied design at college before working in book publishing.

She now exhibits her art in galleries across the world, most recently in Berlin, Washington and São Paulo.

Melo is looking forward to the Aylesbury exhibition, as her friend and loyal fan, Ana Sellors lives in the area.

She is currently staying with Ana, whom she has been friends with since they were five years old.

Melo said: “England is a very special place for me because it was the first place I travelled to alone.”

Melo’s art will be featured in the Subway Gallery at the Queen’s Park Arts Centre from Monday 12 until Saturday 26 September.

On Monday she will be hosting an open event with drinks and snacks from 6.30pm to 9pm where you can come and meet the artist.