EXCLUSIVE: Vincent and Flavia talk about their final tour, The Last Tango, which kicks off at the Waterside Theatre

Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace in The Last Tango
Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace in The Last Tango

When Strictly Come Dancing stars Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace take to the dance floor for their final tour, they will take their first steps on the stage of Aylesbury’s Waterside Theatre.

The star spangled pair have chosen the Waterside to premiere The Last Tango later this year in September but it’s not the first time Flavia has been here.

In an exclusive interview with the Bucks Herald Flavia said: “It’s a lovely theatre, very nice and modern. I visited to see Russell Grant in panto. We’re very much looking forward to coming to Aylesbury.

“We’ll be very excited. The first week is scary and nerve wracking. It’s the first time we feel the audience reaction to what we’ve been creating in a studio. So it’s daunting to see how they will respond.

“But the first week is going to be pretty exciting, and we may make small tweaks to the show according to audience reaction.”

The couple, who have been dancing together for 20 years, are currently in the first stage of rehearsals, which involves just the two of them working out the choreography and the content of the show.

In late June/early July they will start to audition dancers. Previous shows have been big affairs but this time will be different.

Vincent said: “This time we are more intimate. We will recreate some of the numbers from the past, we love them so we want to dance them again.

“But there will be some brand new dances, and challenges, doing new styles we haven’t done before. We will have musical theatre dancers in the show who can dance, sing and do lifts. We will have singers and some special characters.”

Vincent believes dancing is the perfect exercise to keep fit. He said: “It’s good for the brain, heart, everything. There is nothing more that we love doing. Going to the gym is boring, although Flavia loves the gym.”

Flavia says she enjoys every kind of activity. “Gym, walking, jogging, any form of exercise, but dancing is at the top. I have to stay active. We eat whatever we want and we eat a fair amount. We can get away with it when we are dancing.”

Although this will be their final theatrical tour it is not the end of their professional partnership.

Vincent said: “We did Strictly for seven years and we will have done theatre for seven years. It looks like we change every seven years. We are so grateful and happy for these last seven years.

“We don’t feel sad, we feel very excited. Every year we get amazing opportunities that we can’t pursue because of our theatrical commitments. So after this we can move into different things.

“But the tour will be very emotional, because this will be our last tango on stage.”

The Last Tango is at the Waterside Thursday September 17 - Saturday 19. Tickets from £19.50 - £55. Box office 0844 871 7607