Upset on Aylesbury estate over spate of human faeces

There have been 6 incidents on Berkeley Rise
There have been 6 incidents on Berkeley Rise

A spate of incidents have prompted residents to say enough is enough, after someone has been pooing in their alleyway.

Neale Wareham, a local resident said: “Over the last 18 months or so we have had a problem with someone defecating in the alleyway that connects Berkeley Rise with the service road at the back of Harcourt Green on Quarrendon.

There have now been six deposits in total, the last one about three weeks ago and again this week - this time they didn’t even make it to the alleyway but did it in the middle of the road!

“I have been in touch with Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust [VAHT], who give them their due, do come out and clear it up.

“However they seem powerless to do anything to prevent this from happening in future.

“The local PCSOs have said they won’t do anything because as far as they are concerned no crime is being committed! It’s disgusting that someone is doing this in an area that people regularly walk in.

"I can understand that on the odd occasion that you might get caught short, but surely you would try and find some bushes or an area out of the way.

"Certainly not six times in the same area! The most recent is actually in the middle of the road.

"Previously it has been on the path next to the fence but still where it could be trodden on if you weren’t careful. They even bring their own toilet roll!”

And this is not the first time that the estate has been victim to this kind of antisocial behaviour.

Last year the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust removed used needles and a bucket of human waste from behind homes in Argyle Avenue.

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