Rearing award winning beef is a great way to avoid industry horseplay

Geoff Brunt with his son Nick and son's girlfriend Sally Lucas
Geoff Brunt with his son Nick and son's girlfriend Sally Lucas

Dodgy ‘beef’ lasagnes made from 100% horsemeat may be causing consternation across the country at the moment.

But a local farmer who sells 100% English beef straight from the farm gate has been rewarded this week with a ‘rural Oscar’.

Geoff Brunt, who operates fresh Terrick Beef sales from his farm on the first Friday and Saturday of each month has won the 2012 Countryside Alliance Local Food Award for the South East.

Regional director Michelle Nudds said: “We had a huge number of nominations for Terrick Beef – their fan base is broad and very, very passionate so we are delighted to honour the Brunt family in this category.

“With ongoing controversy over our food chain we cannot recommend this local outfit more highly – farmer Geoff Brunt is a through-and-through farmer.

“Food yards, not miles and exceptional animal husbandry are the hallmarks of the business.

“Terrick Beef is bred, reared and finished on sun-dried Terrick grass by Geoff. The genealogy and genetics of Geoff’s cattle have taken many decades to perfect, meaning a premium taste.

“This business is everything that is right about food production in this country and we hope the public takes note. We owe it to our farmers and producers to sing their praises to the rooftops.”

The awards, now in their eighth year, are the Countryside Alliance’s annual celebration of rural produce, skills, enterprise and heritage recognising small hard-working businesses. Terrick Beef will now represent the South East region at the UK and Ireland finals at the House of Lords in March.

Mr Brunt told the Herald: “On behalf of my whole family I would like to thank all our wonderful customers for so kindly nominating us for this award.”